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[Toy] Scallywags Board Game from Gamewright Kids, Teens, Tweens Review

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Avast, me hearties! Yer band o buccaneers just hauled in a bounty o booty and
now it be time to divvy up! Spill out the gold and then play cards to claim
valuable coins or give the dregs to yer no good opponents. Grab yer fair share,
but dont get too greedy pirate or else ye may end up taking quarters in Davy
Joness Locker!
Were not sure if Scallywags was created on International Talk Like a Pirate Day
(September 19th, for those unaware) but it certainly is the perfect game to play
during it! With the variety of familiar pirate sayings on the cards, youll be
yammerin like a professional hornswaggler before you know it! Beyond the fun
phrases, youll also bone up on some key pirate skills like sneaking, bluffing,
and swapping. Youll even learn some elementary strategy while youre at it as
Scallywags is a game that the family can pick up and learn in just a few minutes
time. The gameplay is fairly intuitive and most children that we played with in
the age range had no problem picking up the moves and even the strategy. Younger
children didnt quite catch all of the strategy, but they loved the pirate
sayings and the gold coins! Argh matey!
Scallywags has 54 cards and 40 gold coins so be on the lookout for missing
pieces. Other than that no real durability concerns the game itself will hold
We arent sure if it is the colorful fun cards, the pirate sayings, or the gold
coins.maybe it was the combination of all threebut kids are drawn to this game.
If a group starts to play a crowd gather quickly. In our book, thats Visual
Scallywags is a fairly simple game to play, but one that changes each time you
roll through it. It doesnt have tons of complicated layers, or too many twists
and turns, but it does have a way of staying fresh when you play.
Lets face it, most board games we cover these days cost between $20 and $25.
With a suggested retail price of $15.99, were happy to say Gamewright got it
right! Its always good to see when a game that consists of cards and coins
recognizes proper pricing.
A lot of board games come across our play tablealot. And we are happy to say
that this one is all in all pretty original. The cards are fun and funny, the
strategy is fairly unique, and we are happy to say we havent seen any games
quite like Scallywags in a long time!
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Scallywags is not going to change the face
of gaming forever. Happily, what Scallywags is is a fun game that the whole
family can learn quickly and enjoy playing together. Mom and Dad will like the
price tag. Kids will love the fun sayings and the gold coins. A great addition
to family game night!

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