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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Reviews Orange san Francisco II

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Reviews Orange san Francisco IIFor the Price you can't knock the Orange san
francisco IIjust like its predecessor you get fantastic specificationsThe Orange
San Francisco ll sports a relatively thin profile and an all-incne black plastic
finish which we admit does soak up fingerprints. But atleast it feels good in
your hand and the device could easily be mistaken for a high-end smartphone!
Even more remarkable is the spec which sees a tive-megapixel camera ioined by an
800Mhz CPL! anda WVGA 3.5inch capacitive touchscreen. The screen, lt has to be
said, looks fantastic and is extremelyvibrant when upped to max brightness.Being
an Orange phone does mean that the default Android 2.3 OS is customised with an
Orange overcoat in places. So several icons are modified and there are a handful
of Orange pre-installed apps here. Thankfully Orange did supply a memory card
out of the box which meant we could also install a number of our own apps from
the Android market.It was at this point - after installing Angry Birds that we
first noticed some perfomrrance issues with the handset's multi-touch controls
and loading times In fairness the loading times were also evident on the other
handsets, and the maiority of games we installed - once up-and-rr.nnlng- dld
perform better than ks to the800Mhz CPU. However, there seemed to be a touch of
lagwhen zooming in and or.rt ofthe screen. lt was only when we disabled the
GestureControl app - which allows you to draw on the screen to launch programs
that perfonnance improved.On a positive note there was atleast one standout
Orange app that was certainly worth the time of day and this was Signal Boost.
Once activated, the phone could tap into your wireless router to boost the
signal strength indoors and remarkably it works! Also thanks to the larger
screen the default web browser made it easier to view websites or when watching
videos from either YouTube or the phone's internal memory.We have tc admit the
camera shots looked great on the handset itself, but not so hot on the computer
with some noticeable noise and haze (some manual adjustment to settings may help
with this). Battery life was identical to the Blaze with 41% remaining after our
two-hour video test, but this was to be expected with a higher resolution
screen.Reviews Orange san Francisco II
head-to-headDesignThe phone does look like a premium hadset,rather than a budget
model,but the all-in-one black plastic finish doesattract a lot of finger prints
However,the handset still fells comfortable and solid in the palm of your
handGeneral performanceThe Gestures app,in our opinion, affected the multi touch
controls when manipulating games such as angry birdSome ofthe games also took a
while to load, br.rt once runningthe 800Mhz CPU did help move things along
nicely.FeaturesThe phone ls packed with a lot of software, including the handy
Slgrral Boost app which boosted the phones signal strength indoors.
Disappointinglythe camera was not as good as suggested and would need more
manual intervention to improve.Battery lifeIn some ways we were not that
surprised to see the battery life as low as it was because the phone does have a
larger screen and resolution. But heavy Wi-Fi usage would also result in daily
charges. VerdictThis is a smartphone, despite issues with the Gestures app, that
offers consumers a lot for their money

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