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[MP3 Lyrics] Shout To The North

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VERSE 1: G D C Men of faith, rise up and sing G D C Of the great and glorious
King G D C You are strong when you feel weak, G D C In your broken-ness,
CHORUS: G C D Shout to the north and the south. G C D Sing to the east and the
west. G C D Jesus is Saviour to all, C D G Lord of heaven and earth.
VERSE 2: Rise up women of the truth Stand and sing to broken hearts Who can know
the healing power Of our glorious King of love?
BRIDGE: Em C Weve been through fire, weve been through rain. Em C Weve been
refined by the powr of His name Em C Weve fallen deeper in love with You. G/B
Dsus D Youve burned the truth on our lips.
VERSE 3: Rise up church with broken wings; Fill this place with songs again Of
our God who reigns on high. By His grace again well fly.

Words and Music by Martin Smith

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April 29, 2013
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